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Behind the Canvas

  • Vance, Alexander, (aut.)
  • (21/02/2017)
  • 352 pages
  • ISBN: 1250103967 ISBN-13: 9781250103963
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  • 7,48€ 7,1€ 

There is a world behind the canvas. Past the flat façade and the crackling paint is a realm where art lives, breathes, creates, and destroys. Claudia Miravista loves art but only sees what is on the surface-until the Dutch boy Pim appears in the painting in her room. Pim has been trapped in the world behind the canvas for centuries by a power-hungry witch, and he now believes that Claudia is his only hope for escape. Fueled by the help of an ancient artist and some microwaveable magic, Claudia enters the wondrous and terrifying world behind the canvas, intent on destroying the witch's most cherished possession and setting her new friend free. But in that world nothing is quite as it appears on the surface. Not even friendship. Behind the Canvas by Alexander Vance is an innovative story full of friendship, magic, and mystery. ?Readers will end up learning a great deal about art history along the way . . . an inspired concept.? -School Library Journal


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