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Bergil, el caballero perdido de Berlindon

  • Carreras Guixé, J., (aut.)
  • Editorial Bambú
  • 1ª ed., 3ª imp.(2006)
  • 144 pages; 22x15 cm
  • Langue: Catalán
  • ISBN: 8493482625 ISBN-13: 9788493482626
  • Encadrement: Rústica con solapas
  • Délai de livraison entre 20-25 jours,  * paiement par carte de crédit..
  • 8€ 7,6€ 

The adventures of Bergil, a young orphan of 18 who is prepared to do anything to defend his king. During his first great battle he meets Berk, a warrior who could be his father and who saves Bergil"s life. But"what is Berk"s dark secret?


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