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Business Analysis and Design

  • Beynon-Davies, P., (aut.)
  • 409 pages
  • Langue: Inglés
  • ISBN: 3030679616 ISBN-13: 9783030679613
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  • 89,01€ 84,56€ 

This textbook offers an essential introduction to design orientation in business, which impacts the way management is undertaken world-wide. Design orientation, as it applies to business, is the process through which a designer analyses business as a system, identifies motivation for changing the system, and designs improvement for the organisation, as well as ways of implementing this improvement. It involves strategic and innovative thinking, communication with key stakeholders, and change management.

This book provides coverage of critical tools for design which enable business professionals to analyse existing ways of organizing and to design new ways of organizing. The reader will learn how to develop a digital business model to organize private, public or voluntary work. In doing so, the reader will learn to critically evaluate the notion of digital innovation and understand the proper place of ICT within organization.

The reader will learn how to:

  • critically evaluate the relevance of digital innovation to domains of organisation
  • develop digital business models to organize private, public or voluntary work
  • construct business strategy and relate it to business models, motivation models, innovation management and change management

Written by an expert in the field, this book is designed for both students and professionals. Each chapter contains an introduction, a section of key reading, and a summary, while a number of cases based on real-life examples are worked through as examples in the text, demonstrating the real-life application of the design theory discussed.


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