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Business Process Management with JBoss jBPM

  • Cumberlidge, Matt, (aut.)
  • Packt Publishing
  • (27/07/2007)
  • 220 pages
  • Langue: Inglés
  • ISBN: 184719236X ISBN-13: 9781847192363
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  • 52,61€ 49,98€ 

This book teaches Business Analysts to model business processes in JBoss jBPM and generate workflow application code from their models without Java coding expertise. It is a full toolkit for anyone wanting to implement Business Process Management correctly, covering tasks common to all BPM implementations, although it is focused on popular, free, open-source jBPM, with its flexible, scalable process engine, pluggable modular architecture, and easy programming model (jPDL) blending the best of Java and declarative techniques. The practical approach with step-by-step instructions uses a realistic case study to explore and explain BPM, model creation, and implementation. It covers: efficient, standards-friendly mapping of business processes; using the jBPM toolset to work with business process maps, analyze process execution data, and for ongoing process improvement; setting up business rules: task assignments, escalation points; process variables; automating activities and decisions.


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