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Business Result Upper-Intermediate. Student"s Book with DVD-ROM + Online Workbook Pack

  • Lane, Alastair;Speck, Chris;Duckworth, Michael;Turner, Rebecca, (aut.)
  • Oxford University Press España, S.A.
  • (16/10/2015)
  • 1 pages
  • ISBN: 0194739406 ISBN-13: 9780194739405
  • Délai de livraison entre 20-25 jours,  * paiement par carte de crédit..
  • 46,06€ 43,76€ 

Business English you can take to work today. Business Result is a six-level business English course that gives students the communication skills they need for immediate use at work. It helps those who need to communicate better in English at work, by teaching a range of business communication skills. The course features video clips for every unit, including documentary clips, authentic interviews and dramatized scenarios showcasing business communication skills.



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