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Fundamentals of Srategic Management

  • Jose E Navas López; Luis A Guerras Martín, (aut.)
  • Aranzadi Editorial
  • 1ªed., 1ª imp(26/08/2013)
  • 304 pages
  • ISBN: 8447042944 ISBN-13: 9788447042944
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  • 47,31€ 44,94€ 

The main purpose of this book is to be used for the higher education of
undergraduates in Business Administration and Management and other
similar degree courses who have an interest in subjects related to
Management and Strategy, and who are studying the syllabus in English.
The text is especially recommended for short courses, and has been
adapted to the teaching methods proposed by the European Higher
Education Area (Bologna Process).
It is also of use as an introduction to the subject for post-graduate
students on courses at universities, business schools and similar
institutions, in subjects related to Strategy, as well as a required
reference tool for all those professionals and business executives who
from a practical perspective assume a predominantly applied view of
business and are responsible for managing and advising firms.
Through this three-pronged approach, the book is an introductory
handbook that covers the more salient issues and problems that make
up the theoretical corpus of the management model referred to as
Strategic Management.



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