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Green Eggs and Ham (Dr Seuss)

  • Dr. Seuss, (aut.)
  • Harper Collins Publishers
  • 1(05/05/2016)
  • 64 pages
  • ISBN: 0007355912 ISBN-13: 9780007355914
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  • 6,03€ 5,73€ 

Dr. Seuss turns 50 simple words into magic in this timehonored classic. SamIam won't give up He keeps trying to get the grumpy grownup in the story to taste green eggs and ham. No matter how SamIam presents the green eggs and ham (in a box, with a fox, in the rain, on a train), the curmudgeon refuses to try them. Finally, SamIam's pesky persistence pays off. A crowd of openmouthed onlookers watch in suspense as the old grouch takes a bite. Ands...SAY The old sourpuss's face is wreathed in smiles as he gratefully acknowledges, "I do so like green eggs and ham. Thank you, thank you, SamIam"Format: Hardcover, 72pp. ISBN: 0394800168 Publisher: Random House, Incorporated Pub. Date: May 1976 Recommend Age Range: 5 to 8


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