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Images of the Lichen Genus Caloplaca, Vol4: Caloplaca pyracea, Caloplaca xerica

  • Schumm, Felix, (aut.)
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  • 1(03/07/2019)
  • 688 pages
  • ISBN: 3749413894 ISBN-13: 9783749413898
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  • 116,56€ 110,74€ 

The lichen genus Caloplaca is very diverse. Species are often colouring whole rock faces bright yellow or orange. This is the first book illustrating hundreds of species of this genus. From many species microscopic sections are illustrated, often for the first time. It includes all common species and many rarer ones. Of the most common species usually several specimens are illustrated to show the variation. This book is a resource for the identification of Caloplaca species.



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