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Internet Information Services 6.0 Resource Kit Book/CD Package

  • The Microsoft IIS Team, (aut.)
  • (09/2003)
  • 1190 pages
  • ISBN: 0735614202 ISBN-13: 9780735614208
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Deploy and support IIS 6.0, which is included with Microsoft Windows Server 2003, with expertise direct from the Microsoft IIS product team. This official RESOURCE KIT packs 1200+ pages of in-depth deployment, operations, and technical information, including step-by-step instructions for common administrative tasks. Get critical details and guidance on security enhancements, the new IIS 6.0 architecture, migration strategies, performance tuning, logging, and troubleshooting—along with timesaving tools, IIS 6.0 product documentation, and a searchable eBook on CD. You get all the resources you need to help maximize the security, reliability, manageability, and performance of your Web server—while reducing system administration costs.Get in-depth guidance—straight from the Microsoft IIS team?on how to:•Upgrade or migrate existing IIS solutions to IIS 6.0•Migrate Apache Web sites—migration tool included on CD•Deploy Microsoft ASP.NET applications on IIS 6.0•Configure and manage IIS security services•Manage the IIS 6.0 metabase using built-in GUI-based and command-line utilities •Run IIS 6.0 as a platform for Web applications•Streamline programmatic administration with the scripts and tools on CD•Apply best practices for improving server availability and scalability, including managing large-scale deployments•Optimize IIS performance with effective monitoring, tuning, and troubleshooting proceduresResource Kit tools plus Windows Server 2003 evaluation software inside!Use IIS 6.0 Resource Kit tools to query log files, manage security features, run stress tests, migrate servers, troubleshoot problems, and more. The CD includes the following tools: •Apache to IIS 6.0 Migration Tool •CustomAuth •IISCertDeploy.vbs•IIS Host Helper Services•IIS 6.0 Migration Tool•IISState•Log Parser•Metabase Explorer•Permissions Verifier•RemapUrl•SelfSSL•TinyGet•Web Capacity Analysis Tool•WFetchCD also features:•180-day evaluation version of Windows Server 2003, Standard Edition•IIS 6.0 Help system•Windows Registry Reference•Fully searchable eBook of this complete RESOURCE KIT


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