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  • Conran, Terence, (aut.)
  • Springer
  • 1990(30/08/2013)
  • 84 pages
  • Langue: Inglés
  • ISBN: 1468466585 ISBN-13: 9781468466584
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  • 100,14€ 95,13€ 

ACKNOWLEDGMENTS The authors wish to thank all those manufaeturers and designers who answered queries and I:MACHINES AND searehed through thei r areh ives, the supportive and professional APPLIANCES 23 staff at Conran
Octopus and Si r Terence Conran for his personal interest and guidance. NOTE TO READER Names of objects and designers pnnted in roman or bald type denote that a photograph of the 2:UTENSllS AND obJeet or a biography of the
designer can be found elsewhere in the book. GADGETS 35 3:POTS AND PANS 47 4:KETTlES AND COFFEEPOTS 57 BIOGRAPHIES 72 INDEX 80 6 KITCHENWARE THE SPECIALIZED WORLD OF THE KITCHEN Ever since orchoeologists found 0 frYlng pan
amid the ruins of Pompeii, the utensils ond godgets thot people hove used to prepore food hove been on importont meosure of how for society hos progressed. Todoy's kitchen equipment hos 0 lineoge stretching bock In time to
Jericho 4000 yeors Be, the eorliest recorded use of cooking utensils. The Romans mode doi Iy use of kettles, pots, sieves, knives ond spoons, ond in mony coses our modern-doy eqU/volents hove not been much updoted. Techniques
ond tools from Roman times - for exomple, their bronze ohd metol colanders (colare is the Lotin word for 'to stroin') - hove remoined port of our batterie de cuisi ne throughout the twentieth century.


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