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Learning to Live Together

  • Fernández Abascal, Guillermo; Grau, Urtzi, (aut.)
  • Camp, Ibiye; McIntosh, Hamish; Smith, Brenton Alexander, (col.)
  • Bartlebooth
  • Puesta al día(08/03/2021)
  • 200 pages; 19x12 cm
  • Langue: Inglés
  • ISBN: 8412030265 ISBN-13: 9788412030266
  • Encadrement: Tapa blanda
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  • 18€ 17,1€ 

We are on the verge of sharing our cities with autonomous vehicles. Recent developments in driverless technologies are having an impact on our urban environment, raising questions about how self-driving vehicles could be integrated into our daily lives. Automotive and technological industries are not only developing the vehicles but also envisioning the future of our cities, a future where streets have seamlessly integrated driverless technologies and humans wander about, unconcerned by the presence of new automated machines circulating at high speeds through public space. These visions skip to a distant time and ignore the issues that these vehicles raise in the immediate future. In response to such an oversight, this essay and the accompanying meditations explore the conflicts soon to be unleashed by this new technology and the transformation of our streets it will trigger. The current implementations of driverless technology, which are fast and disruptive, do not suggest an eventual integrated urban solution. Yet this book allows us to imagine how humans and cars might collectively influence the urban environment.


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