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Lola y leo 2 Ed. hibrida L. del alumno

  • Lara González, Francisco; Fritzler, Marcela; Reis, Daiane, (aut.)
  • 1(05/07/2022)
  • 96 pages; 29,7 x 21,0 cm
  • Langue: Espa├▒ol
  • ISBN: 8419236470 ISBN-13: 9788419236470
  • Encadrement: Tapa blanda
  • Délai de livraison entre 20-25 jours,  * paiement par carte de crédit..
  • 24,9€ 23,65€ 

All the New hybrid editions consist of a studentbook + a 12-month access code to the textbook´s online platform on campus.difusion or espace virtuel.

Thanks to this code, the student will be able to access all the digital resources available for their textbook and the workbook. The student can also use many

other resources and all the features on the digital platform, like participating in a similar way to in-person classes, communicating easily with their teacher, who assigns them the task, corrects and comments on their work, sends them messages and follows their progress. They get the most out of online teaching thanks to Zoom´s video conference features


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