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Marxism and Anarchism

  • Trotsky, Leon, (aut.)
  • Wellred
  • 2(06/04/2015)
  • 372 pages
  • Langue: Inglés
  • ISBN: 1900007533 ISBN-13: 9781900007535
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The debate between Marxism and Anarchism is decades old. It is no accident that when the class struggle again boils to the surface this debate is revived.

This collection of classic and contemporary writings will go a long way toward clarifying the Marxist perspective on Anarchist theory and practice, and the need for a revolutionary party. Its publication marks an important step forward in the theoretical arming of a new generation of class fighters in the US - in preparation for the momentous struggles ahead.

This volume includes essays by Engels, Lenin, Trotsky and others on various topics related to anarchism, among them:

- Marx vs Bakunin
- Engels on Authority
- Why Marxists Oppose Individual Terrorism
- Direct Action
- Anarcho-Syndicalism
- Kronstadt
- The Spanish Revolution


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