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Matt Legend

  • Mills, Denis, (aut.)
  • Denis Mills
  • (31/08/2018)
  • 507 pages; 30x21 cm
  • Langue: Inglés
  • ISBN: 8409038099 ISBN-13: 9788409038091
  • Encadrement: Cartoné
  • Délai de livraison entre 20-25 jours,  * paiement par carte de crédit..
  • 29,4€ 27,93€ 

All Matt Legend wanted to do that dangerous summer was to win the affections of a certain Southern small town girl and head home to L.A. But when they happen across the bones of a Nephilim inside an ancient burial mound they are warned if they tell anyone terrible things will happen and terrible things do. He doesn't believe in the devil or ghosts or giants or God. That is all about to change.

They have stumbled across a stasis giant, an entity Abraham Lincoln once told of. Having a normal life ever again is out of the question a Matt and a super-heroine-like girl of his dreams, a Young Marine, find themselves in a war against the spirit world. It is a war they can't possibly win. When they are joined by his cousin, a hip-hop mogul wannabe, and her brother, an obnoxious computer hacker, an evil force pulls the stops to try to kill them, their families and their friends. Things go from terrible to worse when they tell the world what they found and discover ghosts are not dead people! But the evil has an even deadlier secret to protect - extraterrestrials are not extraterrestrial.

For the young demon fighters it's a race against time. If they win, Matt will get the girl. If they lose, seven billion people will perish.

This is the first of the Matt Legend series of adventures of the supernatural kind that deal with everything from giants and mermaids, to aliens, to UFOs, cryptids, fallen angels and other extra-dimensional beings, the hollow earth, the hollow moon, subterranean civilizations, chemtrails, forbidden archaeology and all other strange and terrible things. Heralded as a paranormal Spykids meets Raiders of the Lost Ark , this thrilling series is inspired by covered-up true events.

The much anticipated second installment, Matt Legend: The Hollow Earth , is due in 2020. The legend continues.


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