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Nancy Holt : Inside / Outside

  • Holt, Nancy;Le Feuvre, Lisa;Pierre, Katarina, (aut.)
  • Monacelli Press
  • (01/11/2022)
  • 224 pages
  • ISBN: 1580935974 ISBN-13: 9781580935975
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003cb003eAn in-depth exploration of the pathbreaking works of the landmark artist Nancy Holt, to accompany an exhibition at Bildmuseet, Umeå, Sweden.003cbr003e003c/b003e 003cbr003e003cbr003e003ci003eNancy Holt: Inside/Outside003c/i003e takes a journey through the artist?s key experiments in visual art presenting works never seen before, commissioning new critical thinking, and amplifying knowledge of an artist whose ideas are fundamental to how we define art today. Over the course of fifty years, Nancy Holt?s rich output spanned concrete poetry, audio, film and video, photography, drawings, room-sized installations, earthworks, and public sculpture. 003ci003eNancy Holt: Inside/Outside003c/i003e details her unique and significant contributions, situating an important female voice within the narratives of land and conceptual art.003cbr003e 003cbr003eInitiating her art practice in 1966 with concrete poetry, she soon expanded her ideas into the landscape, large-scale installations, audio, and video, and film. Through each medium, she explored how we understand our place in the world by investigating perception, both natural and human systems, and site within and outside of traditional museum contexts.003cbr003e003cbr003eIn the mid-1970s Holt completed her most influential earthwork, 003ci003eSun003c/i003e 003ci003eTunnels003c/i003e, an artwork central to the definition of land art. Bringing the stars down to earth, 003ci003eSun003c/i003e 003ci003eTunnels003c/i003e focuses attention on the systems of the universe. Holt was equally interested in the built environment as she was natural and celestial landscapes, and from the 1980s she made invisible architectural systems visible in ambitious installations that exposed the inner workings of buildings.003cbr003e 003cbr003eRigorous documentation of Holt?s work, as well as contributions by key scholars, previously unseen photoworks and drawings, and a revealing, never-before-published ?self-interview? by the artist bring her work into far fuller context. Developed in close consultation with Holt/Smithson Foundation, an artist-endowed organization dedicated to preserving and extending the work of Nancy Holt and her husband Robert Smithson, this expansive publication will serve as a major contribution to the critical ongoing research into the art of our time.


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