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Password Reader: Rob Roy

  • Scott, Walter - Sir - , Sir, (aut.)
  • McGraw-Hill Interamericana de España S.L.
  • 1ª ed., 1ª imp.(09/02/2005)
  • 96 pages; 24x15 cm
  • Langue: Inglés
  • ISBN: 8448143337 ISBN-13: 9788448143336
  • Encadrement: Rústica
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The perfect tenses ? both present and past ? are explained and used prominently in most of these readers. Many introduce the passive voice, and most feature the future tense. Nearly all of them also include exercises to develop understanding of the first conditional, and some include instruction in all three conditional forms. More modal verbs and more complex verbal constructions ? using gerunds and infinitives ? are presented. There is a generally higher level of vocabulary, sometimes quite sophisticated. These readers focus on topics and vocabulary specific to contemporary professions: television production, fashion design and computerised banking. Business procedures and modern telecommunications are central to these stories. Also, these readers use an Upper Intermediate complexity of verb tenses and other grammatical constructions.


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