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The Oldest Living Member Tells All

  • Grundner, Tom, (aut.)
  • Fireship Press
  • (27/08/2007)
  • 204 pages
  • Langue: Inglés
  • ISBN: 1934757020 ISBN-13: 9781934757024
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  • 13,48€ 12,8€ 

The Oldest Living Member is known only by that name. He is never described and little is known of his background. Nevertheless, across these 10 stories he sits on the terrace of the Marvis Bay Golf and Country Club offering sage advice about life, love and golf to one and all-often whether you want it or not. More importantly, he tells some of the most hilarious golf stories that have ever been written.
These are tales of golf as it was before pros became multi- national corporations, and weekend amateurs couldn't live without $400 titanium drivers. There is an elegance to the writing and an innocence to the stories that makes them curiously addictive. You simply cannot read one without wanting to read the next and the next.
It's great if you are an aspiring golf champion and you decide to marry a girl who already IS a champion. But, you probably should ask "in what sport" before you marry her.
It was a grudge match. Play one hole-sudden death- for the hand of a fair maiden. The only problem is that the hole is 16 miles long.
Ramsden Water's idea of talking to a girl was to perspire and gurgle incoherent sounds. On the golf course, however, he had the force and confidence of a caveman. Who knew that a caveman was just what the prettiest girl in town was looking for?
Based on the stories of P.G. Wodehouse, The Oldest Living Member is a Fireship Press Contemporized Classic.


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