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The Red Lily

  • France, Anatole, (aut.)
  • Borgo Press
  • (01/06/2002)
  • 296 pages; 22x15 cm.
  • Langue: Inglés
  • ISBN: 1587158701 ISBN-13: 9781587158704
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  • 30,57€ 29,04€ 

"To represent Anatole France as one of the undying names in literature would hardly be extravagant. Not that I would endow Ariel with the stature and sinews of a Titan; this were to miss his distinctive qualities: delicacy, elegance, charm. He belongs to a category of writers who are more read and probably will ever exercise greater influence than some of greater name. The latter show us life as a whole; but life as a whole is too vast and too remote to excite in most of us more than a somewhat languid curiosity. France confines himself to themes of the keenest personal interest, the life of the world we live in. It is herein that he excels! His knowledge is wide, his sympathies are many-sided, his power of exposition is unsurpassed. No one has set before us the mind of our time, with its half-lights, its shadowy vistas, its indefiniteness, its haze on the horizon, so vividly as he."

Jules Lemaitre
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