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The Regulatory Implosion. Emotions and Gender in the Era of plastic (Ebook)

  • Gutiérrez Rodríguez, Estela, (aut.)
  • (09/07/2021)
  • ISBN: EB9788413901916
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Emotions and gender in the age of plastic puts us at a time when chemicals are altering our hormones, they are present everywhere, but one of the greatest sources of exposure for people is what is commonly called plastic. By altering hormones, they are altering our emotions, and from before birth interfering with our gender and, therefore, with human reproduction. We have been exposed to these chemicals for almost a hundred years. The accumulation and persistence of endocrine disrupting chemicals, both in our body and in the environment, indicates that, if regulation and public policies do not change, the human being will experience a metamorphosis in gender and emotions that will affect the future societies. We are walking towards the era of uncertainty, altering emotions and gender, we will discover why it is a public responsibility in human security at a global level, as well as how to prevent and minimize our own exposure, thus improving our health. How much longer are we going to live emotionally disturbed? How much health are we willing to give up, until we face ignorance? Is the being born healthy a right is being denied? Is not involuntary pollution, contrary to the human right to a healthy life?


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