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The Science of Cooking. A Quick Immersion

  • Mans, Claudi, (aut.)
  • Tibidabo Publishing, Inc.
  • (25/09/2019)
  • 182 pages
  • ISBN: 1949845060 ISBN-13: 9781949845068
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  • 15€ 14,25€ 

In recent years, new products, new techniques and new cooking styles have entered the market with force. And, at the same time, interest has grown in the relationship between nutrition, health and gastronomy. The sciences?biology, physics and chemistry? are the tools for understanding the entirety. Chemistry, in particular, describes what substances are responsible for color, smell and taste, and why they change in cooking. On the other hand, the chemical and biological structures of animal and plant cells and tissues explain the textures and their changes in the kitchen. In this book, all these aspects are treated with every day and understandable language, while it remains technically rigorous and provides a large amount of information. With all this, the reader will be able to know what is in their food before and after cooking it, resulting in greater intellectual satisfaction, added to the sensory.


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