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The adventurous frog (Ebook)

  • Ribes Baquero, Elena, (aut.)
  • Grupo Editorial Círculo Rojo SL
  • (15/11/2021)
  • Langue: Inglés
  • ISBN: EB9788411156370
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  • 3€ 2,85€ 

Formato: Epub Adobe DRM

The adventurous frog is a story of discoveries made by the main character of this book, a young frog who wants to explore the outside world and find what?s beyond the monotonous life that she and her family have been living for generations. With the animals that the frog meets on her journey, she will understand how the world she sees for the first time was built and helped by three fantastic tales, she will learn the importance of assimilating new knowledge and exploring new places.


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