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Think Do Learn Social Science 1st Primary Student"s Book + CD Pack Amber

  • VV.AA., (aut.)
  • Oxford University Press España, S.A.
  • 1ª ed.(2015)
  • ISBN: 8467396474 ISBN-13: 9788467396478
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  • 27,1€ 25,74€ 

Encuadernación: Rústica
Colección: Proyecto Think Do Learn
Incluye: CD
Libro del alumno

Think Do Learn Social Sciences. An active learning experience.

Think Do Learn’s team of authors know what really works in the classroom. They combine expertise both in teaching Sciences in English and in English Language Teaching.
Careful grading of language makes it easier for students to understand and learn new content while scaffolding throughout provides students with the language they need, when they need it.
A hands-on approach that makes learning meaningful and active through a wide variety of activities and projects.
Develop students’ thinking skills effectively by actively involving them in their learning process, stimulating their curiosity and encouraging them to learn through doing.
Give students a reason to engage with the subject content with opening activities, fun facts and quests.
The projects develop key competences, creativity and autonomous learning by getting students to connect what they learn and create something tangible with their acquired knowledge and skills.
Group work activities in every unit promote oral communication and collaborative work.


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