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Tocats per la natura

  • Gordi i Serrat, Josep, (aut.)
  • Papers amb Accent
  • 1(13/01/2020)
  • 162 pages; 23x15 cm
  • Langue: Catal├ín
  • ISBN: 8494752812 ISBN-13: 9788494752810
  • Encadrement: Rústica con solapas
  • Délai de livraison entre 20-25 jours,  * paiement par carte de crédit..
  • 18€ 17,1€ 

They say that life is a stage, and sometimes we think that everything must follow a correct or determined script. But when chance or bad luck knock on your door and you crush everything, you feel heartbroken, disappointed, angry ...
The pages of this book will tell you the story of Maria and Bernat during their months, almost a year, from their adolescence. A time that surely marked their lives.
The path they took together will lead them to meet and chat with some very interesting and, to some extent, amazing people. Also walking on trails and mountain trails. Therefore, what you will find in this text is an warp between conversations and walks or between people and nature where the steps and beats of our protagonists pass.
Without a doubt, the mountain is ubiquitous in this book, as it symbolizes the ascent, the verticality, the difficulty, the challenge ... By forested paths or by climbing between the rocks, Maria and Bernat will feel the the wind on his face, the strength of a friend's hand, the joy of climbing, the joy of love ... Therefore, the mountain is not only a place for physical activity, but also a space where to find answers, where to live the love, where to feel in communion with everything around you - like yawning in front of a flower or contemplating a magnificent landscape. Do you accompany us to follow in the footsteps of Maria and Bernat?


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