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Trace: experto en ciencias forenses 1

  • Kei Koga, (aut.)
  • (22/11/2022)
  • 172 pages
  • ISBN: 841852443X ISBN-13: 9788418524431
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A forensic expert who hunts down the truth every day is secretly plotting a terrible revenge! A gripping thriller! Reiji Mano is a seasoned forensic expert part of Tokyo's forensic science lab. Zealous and original, he acts for a single purpose: to bring out the truth. Nonna, a technician still in training, is assigned to him and will learn a lot from him through dark affairs. But Mano hides a heavy secret: his family was brutally murdered when he was a child, and he intends to do justice himself. Immerse yourself in exciting investigations where science is the only recourse against crime!


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