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Un verano sin francesas

  • Alapont, Pasqual ... [et al.], (aut.)
  • Solà, Raquel, (tr.)
  • Editorial Edebé
  • 1ª ed., 3ª imp.(01/2006)
  • 112 pages; 21x13 cm
  • Langue: Español
  • ISBN: 8423680061 ISBN-13: 9788423680061
  • Encadrement: Tapa blanda
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A teenager called Arnau has to spend a summer with his parents at a decadent spa which is great for the old aged, but its an ordeal for the young boy, especially when he imagines his mates chatting up French girls on the beach. However, during that time, he makes friends with a great old man, Benjamín, three old ladies who he calls The Three Graces, and he even falls in love with Carla, the only girl of his age in the whole spa. And the thing is, after having some crazy adventures, including rather a suspicious crime, Arnau ends up spending the best summer of his life with a set of weird and wonderful characters. A crazy, fun novel, only suitable for people with a sense of humour.


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