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  • ORWELL GEORGE, (aut.)
  • 107 pages
  • ISBN: 0140817697 ISBN-13: 9780140817690
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  • 9€ 8,55€ 

WITH AN INTRODUCTION BY RONALD CARTER SERIES EDITORS RONALD CARTER AND JOHN McRAE Penguin Student Editions have been specifically designed for readers who are studying a text in detail. They include a helpful introduction and explanatory notes, character sketches, a text summary, a chronology, a selection of questions and topics for discussion and analysis, as well as suggestions for further reading. Animal Farm is a simple tale of what happens when the animals on Mr Jones's farm get rid of the owner and take the farm over themselves. Their revolution begins with the best of intentions, but is undermined by corruption and greed, a chilling allegory of the events that took place when Communism was established.


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