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  • TASCHEN; TASCHEN,A.; Christiane Reiter, (aut.)
  • 1(2007)
  • 176 pages
  • Langue: Inglés
  • ISBN: 3822832286 ISBN-13: 9783822832288
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  • 7,99€ 7,59€ 

"Two new books from TASCHEN's Icon series, Berlin Style and DDR Design 1949-1989, are not so much an easy read - there is virtually no text - as they are easy on the eye. These image collections offer a glimpse into the homes of Germany's capital city, and a look back at the design on the other side of the curtain. In Berlin, the apartments are as diverse as the neighborhoods, ranging from stately flats and cozy lofts to artists' studios and designer pads. The interiors in Berlin Style reflect a mix of Eastern and Western influences and showcase some of the city's most unique and eclectic dwellings. The goods pictured in DDR Design - foodstuffs, household appliances, cosmetics and stationary - recall a time and place untouched by expensive marketing schemes and innovative packaging design. While Berlin Style displays a layer of Berlin and its inhabitants, DDR Design reveals a little-known side of east German pop history."
Azure, Toronto, Canada


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