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Cook Your Way to Love & Harmony

  • Agus Ekanurdi, Frida Antony, (aut.)
  • Agus Ekanurdi
  • (08/04/2016)
  • 230 pages
  • Langue: Espa├▒ol
  • ISBN: 9810988060 ISBN-13: 9789810988067
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  • 44,79€ 42,55€ 

Cook Your Way to Love & Harmony is an honest, heartwarming account of Agus Ekanurdi and Frida Antony's experiences and struggles early in their relationship, and how they grew in friendship and love through the power of home cooking.

Inspired by his father, So Kong Hoo, Agus began cooking for Frida when they first lived together. Their communication skills were weak and their relationship was floundering but cooking and sharing meals together ultimately led them through this difficult time, into understanding and unity.

Readers will see themselves in Agus and Frida, will come to understand much about cooking at home, and hopefully, will be inspired to improve their own relationships by cooking for their loved ones.

"Home cooking is the true embodiment of love. It makes us show patience, kindness, humility, hope, and perseverance.

"I believe theres not one food recipe that can satisfy all taste buds. Thats why we need to create our own recipes for our loved ones, which can be inspired by many different sources.

"This book is not just a guide to cook based on my recipes but is more about my personal journey in home cooking, a journey which I hope will inspire people to cook as a tool to improve their relationships. I hope that people will relate to the stories in this book, and see how relationships between spouses can grow and develop through care, communication, and of course, cooking." Agus Ekanurdi


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