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  • Marisa Beekman, (aut.)
  • Ediciones Lea
  • (01/07/2016)
  • 160 pages
  • ISBN: 9876341537 ISBN-13: 9789876341530
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  • 22,6€ 21,47€ 

Reflexology is a holistic technique for diagnosing and treating illnesses based on the connection between certain parts of the human body ?such as the hands, feet, ears, head, and face? and its main organs and joints. Through pressure point stimulation and targeted massage, symptoms of headaches, constipation, stress, asthma, back pain, and other common ailments disappear. In this manual, author Marisa Beekman teaches us how to find and stimulate pressure points, different types of massage, natural techniques, and holistic therapies. Through her clear instruction and insightful advice, readers will gain in-depth understanding of the human body and a natural approach to health.


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