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The Adventures of The Can Team and Friends. The Mystery of the Sleeping City

  • Mary Carmen Delgado Barranquero, (aut.)
  • Mr. Momo
  • (01/07/2018)
  • 84 pages; 20,0 x 14,0 cm
  • Langue: Galés
  • ISBN: 8417105395 ISBN-13: 9788417105396
  • Délai de livraison entre 20-25 jours,  * paiement par carte de crédit..
  • 11,5€ 10,93€ 

Why "Can Team"?
This group of friends believe that they «can» do whatever they put their minds to. Together, they will solve each and every mystery that they are faced with.

Who are they?
A group of young teenagers who meet up regularly in La Aulaga, a small village in a beautiful region with plenty of countryside and wildlife called Castillo de las Guardas in the warm, sunny province of Seville, Spain. Our heroes will go through extraordinary adventures involving fast-paced historical enigmas. In order to overcome these challenges, they will have to use their most powerful weapon: their own imagination.

"The Mystery of the Sleeping City" is the first in the series of adventures starring the Can Team and friends. The Can Team will devise a plan to make the friends believe there is an ancient treasure buried in La Aulaga. Not even in their wildest dreams could they have imagined what they would truly find: the mystery of a sleeping city. They will have to work together to find the way to save the city and return home.


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