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Yoga Meditation

  • Gregor Maehle, (aut.)
  • Kaivalya Publications
  • (01/03/2013)
  • Langue: Inglés
  • ISBN: 0977512630 ISBN-13: 9780977512638
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  • 20,27€ 19,26€ 

This book will not only give a precise step-by-step description of the meditation technique at the heart of yoga but also put it into context with all other yogic techniques and how they contribute to the breakthrough to spiritual freedom. Yogic meditation derives its power from the fact that it systematically suspends the entire processing capacity of the subconscious mind and diverts it towards meditation. The processing power of the subconscious mind is a multiple of that of the conscious mind. Simply watching breath or watching awareness involves only your conscious mind. For quick and effective concentration the entire power of the subconscious mind has to be harnessed. This is the secret of yogic meditation.You will also find information on the importance of Kundalini as support for meditation and the factors that make it rise, such as chakra and Sushumna visualization, mantra and breath. The text then explains how the chakras represent evolutionary stages of brain and mind development. Chakra meditation, if done in a sophisticated, high-powered way, will propel the evolution of the brain and mind of the practitioner and the awakening of higher intelligence.


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