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You are the key to unlock me! (Ebook)

  • Kaliopi Kaplanidou
  • Langue: Inglés
  • ISBN: EB9783969316597
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  • 2,99€ 2,84€ 

Formato: Epub Adobe DRM

We come in to this world without knowing what life will be.
Life brought you early in to my life just when I thought darkness will consume me.
You gave me strength to keep going and win one battle after another with my dankness! One bad decision of yours made my life?s journey the hardest it could be!
Fear and anger took over me.
This time, and the next time.... my life will always be in your hands because that?s our destiny. Will you find me in time?
All I can think, all I can scream to you is ...... Why?
You are the key to unlock me! Find me before it?s too late..... again!

This is my first attempt to put out there and in to your hands the stories I am writing.
Treat them with kindness and I hope you will enjoy the time you will spend on reading them.
I would love to know what you think of them.
In almost all of my love stories, I put things from my life?s journey; in this one, I added many of my life?s events.
Thank you for taking the time to read the second story I put out there (not the first I wrote) of those I wrote and soon they will be available as well.

AUTHOR NAME: Kalliopi Kaplanidou.
Little thing about the author:
Born at 1976.
Born and lives in Greece.
I love to write! It?s so simple!
I just love it!
I will not take your time writing anything else.



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